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Monthly Archives: August 2023

4 techniques to reduce menstrual pain by yourself

reduce menstrual pain by yourself easily Many women face menstrual pain in varying degrees. Some people don’t have much pain. And some people have a little pain, they can endure it. Some people feel pain without doing anything. Today, we’re here to introduce a method. reduce menstrual pain It’s easy to do

6 factors that trigger migraines

Write down the 6 factors that trigger migraine and cause severe pain. unilateral headache Or as we call it migraine, there are factors that trigger migraines. That differs for each person, but there are 6 main factors that are similar, which are enough to be a guide

4 behaviors that cause permanent osteoporosis

4 Unexpected Behaviors Cause Osteoporosis  Osteoporosis is another scary condition. Because when we are old, everyone has to face such conditions. Especially women who have a lot of bone loss factors. but besides that Some behaviors that we do unknowingly are the accelerators to lose more bone mass than