Ander Herrera could return to Bilbao this summer.

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Ander Herrera is in talks to terminate the remaining two-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain. And the 32-year-old has a chance to join Athletic Bilbao again.

Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Ander Herrera, 32, has accepted the idea of ​​a move to Athletic Bilbao. Free this summer if both PSG can agree on compensation for the player’s contract that still exists until 2024.  UFABET.

According to reports, Paris Saint-Germain are in talks with the players to terminate their remaining two-year contracts, with the French side likely to pay at least one year of their remaining contracts to release the 32-year-old midfielder. Move the agency without a fee before the market is closed this summer. 

Herrera receives €650,000 a month from PSG, or €150,000 a week. Made him receive the highest wages, ranked 15th in the perfume city league. But he is on the list of players who will be released from the team. Because it is not in the plans of trainer Christoph Galtier, but no offers have come to the club, so PSG have to negotiate to terminate the contract by agreeing to pay part of the compensation in the agreement. say

Meanwhile, Athletic Bilbao is closely monitoring Herrera’s situation and the Basque side are looking to tap the 32-year-old midfielder to the club if the player becomes a free agent. 

Herrera moved from Real Zaragoza to Bilbao between 2011 and 2014, before joining Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain respectively.