Conte praises Lukaku before taking the Blues away team.

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Spurs boss Antonio Conte has waged a psychological warfare by praising Romelu Lukaku as a top striker ahead of Sunday’s trip to Chelsea.

         The Belgium international has returned to Inter Milan on loan this season after failing to build up at Stamford Bridge, scoring just eight goals in the Premier League last season. past

         However, Conte, who worked with Lukaku to lead Inter to the Serie A title in 2020/21, praised the 29-year-old spearhead as a great player. UFABET Just need support from the fans to create good results.

         “Romelu spent two years in Milan and he was the king there,” Conte said.

         “Because of that, I think he wants to go back to Milan. But of course this signing is a good signing for Chelsea, you know there are players who need more time to show off. But of course he is a good signing for Chelsea.”

         “He has the potential to play in the Premier League. I remember well when he started last season. He played very well and you, the media, said Lukaku was really strong.”

         “There were a lot of things going on that caused his confidence to drop. Now it’s right for him to play for a major Italian club and try to gain confidence. But we’re talking about the real thing. A really good striker.”