Merson warns Manchester United will be a lower market team. If they buy a dozen players.

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Sky Sports analyst Paul Merson has warned Manchester United could lose their status as a superpower. If looking to buy football players in the lower market. Other teams such as Adrien Rabiot or Marco Arnautovic.

United are desperate for an in-depth squad in midfield and forward. Made to be linked with excess Rabiot , Juventus , Arnautovic, Bologna camp , who had experience playing but the English Premier League second-grade team  

And most recently , Mauro Icardi, a Paris Saint-Germain striker , who was hit by trainer Christoph Galtier .  UFABET 

In Emerson ‘s corner , if the ‘ Red Devils ‘ diligently pulled players of this grade in It reflects that I am not a team in the mall. But reduced the status to the buying team of grades with soil already

Emerson compares.

“ United should go shopping at a luxury mall like Harrods. It’s not a dozen stores like Primer to grab a player like Marco Arnautovic. ” Emerson compares, citing the luxury of a British department store.  

“ I’m not surprised the fans are upset about that. Ask the club to reconsider because Arnautovic is not good enough for United . 

” I don’t know what’s going on at Old Trafford, but they’re going to make the same mistakes time and time again in the buy – sell market. “

“ The fans must be thinking – what the hell is going on here ? – and you can’t blame the disciples. ” 

“ If United want to get back into the top four , they have to find a better player than Arnautovic because even the bottom half of the table have little insight. Let alone the top half of anything. ” 

“ The Red Devils should buy luxury goods of good quality. not of Bagadin But now the attraction of the club as it used to be has never left. That makes things even more difficult to get back to where it started. ” 

“ United used to be a great club in the world of football. But now it has slipped from that point. ” 

“ It will be a long time to win the league again. Because the USSR is beneficial to Manchester City and Liverpool . ”

If the aforementioned three players aren’t complacent enough , Manchester United are also linked with Barcelona right-back Serginho Dest thinking about selling a bit more.