Nathan Ake shows off the qualities of Haland, the person who has the stuff for the show.

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Manchester City defender Nathan Ake has revealed that Erling Braut Haaland has a lot to offer. Like the English Premier League first match, then the smash is just a dipping sauce.

Haaland showed his heart for the ball to score a penalty at West Ham amid boos around the London Stadium, plus a run down Kevin De Bruyne ‘s Rockiller Pass , then tilted the shot. Left closes the box 2-0

If that’s all, the football world wows the lost voice. Nathan Ake told me to see it before the people because as far as touching the Norwegian spear, UFABET it can still be more brutal.  

He told Sky Sports .

” Having him is a great addition to the team. ” 

“ For me, that pillow is complete. I think to myself all the time that the younger brother is still better than this. ”  

“ I don’t know how to explain to you guys about the awesomeness of Erling, let’s just say I saw it last week. He’s a finisher , runs fast , is strong , powerful and shoots well with both feet. Fighting each other in side-sparing drills is both difficult and challenging. ” 

“ When you want to trap offside This bastard would run behind him because he was confident his pace was fast enough. But when retreating to open space to play It’s also good for raising fires. ”

“ It’s tough to deal with, but it’s nice to get solids like this in daily training. ” 

“ He’s also acidic. Know how to do a runway Or, in times of need, relying on stalks , strength and power. ” 

“ Runs off quickly. The first 2-3 yards can only smell the dust. And then when I control it from a distance, I believe that it can still be faster. ” 

“ That gives our team a good weapon, because sometimes we can come down as a defensive accelerator to get a lot of space in the top half. Then connect the ball 2-3 times and close the account. ” 

William Hill, a legal gambler in England, lowered the price of Haaland’s goal scorer down from the original #1 favorite to 5/4 ( bet 4 pays 5 , excluding capital ) when starting a double from original price 11/8