Osasuna beats Sevilla 2-1 in La Liga opener.

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Osasuna took three points at home in La Liga’s 2-1 win over Sevilla on Friday. The opening match of La Liga for the 2022/23 football season. Osasuna played at home, sending Luis Ezequiel Avila and Aimar Oroz leading the offensive line. While Sevilla did not rush to use Isco. Recently moved from Real Madrid. The offensive line is Rafa Mir standing in front of the target.

Osasuna started well, leading 1-0 from the moment when Ruben Peña opened the ball from the right side to the far post. Luis Ezequiel Avila hit back and hit Yassin Bono. go in the door UFABET

The locals were delighted for only 2 minutes. Sevilla followed a 1-1 draw successfully. Papu Gomez opened the ball from the left side for Rafa Mir to shoot the first post. absolutely go in 

In the 27th minute.

The hosts almost led again when Moises Gomez had a long stroke with the left, Bono was out of the right. But the ball hit the pole behind him

Sevilla had a chance to hit the post as well in the 39th minute, Papu Gomez dribbled in before stepping on the ball for Thomas Delaney to set the fortress with a left. The ball hit the pole very hard. Then the first half ends 1-1.

Second half 60 minutes Osasuna had a chance from the moment Moises Gomez opened the ball for Avila to fire from the left in the box. But the ball fell out of the box behind him.

In the 74th minute, the hosts came to get a penalty in the moment that Papu Gomez fouled Jon Mongayola before Aimar Oroz was responsible for killing Osasuna, leading again to 2-1.

The rest of the time, Sevilla could not equalize again. Ended the game as Osasuna squeezed to win 2-1, grabbing the first 3 points in the opening match.