Rules for playing online slots game.

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Rules for playing online slots game. These are the basic rules that are the same everywhere. Will use the credit balance in your User. As if the balance in the slot machine. Choose the odds and play line, press Play or Spin. The player will spin to get the picture symbols arrange. According to the select line, thinking horizontally from 2 or 3 pictures will be arranged from left. Or right depending on the game. But mostly in Playing online slots game with 5 reels (5 reels)

  • Lines is the number of lines displayed. Players can play from 1 line to 30 lines depending on the gameUFABET
  • Line Bet is the number of bets that we choose to bet. However players can set it up in a number of ways.
  • The balance is the total amount of all member credits.
  • Spin is a call button to start your spin. For sound guesses, Total Bet is the number of credits we place at that time.
  • Auto Spin is an automatic control button. Can I set how many times to play?
  • Pay table is a menu button for slot game details. Where is the symbol with the pay rate?Winke the amount that the member has placed at that time
  • Max Bet is a button for clicking the maximum bet on both Lines and Money.