Werner’s starter beats Leipzig just 2-2.

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Timo Werner made his debut with a goal for Leipzig straight away. But was unable to help the team win the 2-2 draw with Cologne. Where Dominic Soboslai has been shown a red card since end of first half.

German Bundesliga Football

Leipzig 2 – Cologne 2

Stadium: Red Bull Arena

start the game The defenders went ahead and put them in immediately, even in the 11th minute, it had to be Hege. In the moment when David Rout opened the ball to Dani Olmo, he thrusted into the net beautifully. But he didn’t score because Rout was caught with a handball first. UFABET 

Then in the 23rd minute, it was a goat’s chance. Ellyes Schiri opened from deep for Dejan Lubisic to squeeze heavily in the box but couldn’t put it down. The ball flew over the bar behind him.

Until the 36th minute, Leipzig took the lead until Timo Werner caught it with the right and fired 20 yards away. The ball flew back to Marvin Schwabe, trying to recapture, but couldn’t. The ball flew into the goal, leading the locals 1-0.

but was only happy for 4 minutes, crazy goat equalized immediately. Florian Dietz received the ball from Florian Kenz before recording with a heavy left. through Peter’s hand Guluxi didn’t go in. 

Leipzig were left with 10 men in stoppage time when Dominic Soboszlai slammed his arm in Kenz’s face. Therefore, the referee took out a red card The first half ends, it’s always 1-1.

The second half.

56 minutes, Leipzig, even less. But took the lead again 2-1 Christopher Nkunku received the ball from Olmo that pierced through the channel from the left starboard. before stooping over the Javabe to enter the door in an unrivaled way 

Goats also almost equalized in the 69th minute. Kenzcross from the edge gave Dietz a header. But the ball hit Gulaxi’s hands without difficulty 

At the 72nd minute, the visiting team’s efforts were fruitful. Kenz pushed a corner into the frame that deflected Mohamed Simagan before bouncing into the thigh of Yosco Guardiol, who tried to block it in the final moment. Becomes to send the ball into the goal itself.

Then can’t do anything more. The game ended with the remaining 10 Leipzig drew 2-2 with Cologne in a fun, point-by-team draw.